What is RPH Karawaci?


Introduction About RPH Karawaci

RPH Karawaci is traditional slaughterhouse or abattoir located in Tangerang, Indonesia. We've been in abattoir industry since 2000.

In Indonesian, RPH stands for "Rumah Pemotongan Hewan", which means a slaughterhouse in English. We freshly started as a traditional slaughter house. However, we keep improving to be one of the best slaughterhouse practices in Indonesia by implementing the latest technology in cattle slaughter such as Stunning Box.

Why RPH Karawaci?

  • We care about animal welfare.
  • We use the latest technology - Stunning Box.
  • Good teamwork and management.
  • Zero-waste process.
  • We are into healthy meat products.

We care about animal welfare. Every cattle in RPH Karawaci is reconditioned in our lairage including bedding, water and feeding, cleaning and health check.

Minister of Agriculture & Food Visitation
WnG's Beef

Visitation to RPH Karawaci

Standard Operational Procedure


About Stunning Box

Stunning Box is the latest technology of restraint boxes used in abattoir. It helps to restrain cattle in more comfortable position so they will have minimal stress before the slaughter process. Therefore the animal welfare is more kept and ensured.

Good things about Stunning Box:

  • Suitable for the animal welfare standards.
  • Give minimal stress for the cattle.
  • Provide slow steady motion of restraining.
  • Avoid uncomfortable pressure on the cattle.
  • More clean and practical operation.


Beef Halal Certificate NKV Certificate

Stunning Halal Certificate UKL & UPL Certificate

A Certified Abattoir.

RPH Karawaci is an abattoir with official license and certificates. Through audit processes, we have acquired our certificates from Majelis Ulama Indonesia and other governmental departments.

License and Certificates:

  • MUI Beef Halal Certificate: 17020000780711.
  • Nomor Kontrol Veteriner: RPH 3671041-003.
  • Stunning Halal Certificate from MUI.
  • UPL & UKL Licenses.
  • IPLC No. 660.31/Kep. 07/BPPMPT/IPLC/2012.

Testimonials & Quotes

This facility is very clean and by all appearances is well run. Cattle in holding yards are very comfortable, relaxed and no stress. Slaughter process in the Mark 4 & Stun Box is effecient with minimal stress seen on cattle.

Overall, this facility offers a very good example of good slaughtering.

ben hustonBen Huston - Consultant
Meat & Livestock Australia

Very professional. Some of the best practices in Indonesia. Animal welfare needs to be number 1!

Byron O'keefeByron O'keefe
Australian Cattle Enthusiast

I was very impressed with all aspects of the abattoir from cattle handling, facilities, character and culture of workers, process of slaughter and hygiene. I could not fault any part of the process. Thank you for your kind hospitality.

Greg SmithGreg Smith
Austrex - Australia

I think that RPH Karawaci is a very modern facility, using Mark 4 and Stun Box. Both staff and management are exhibiting the correct methods for slaughter of Australian cattle.

Cattle held in the feedlot behind the slaughterhouse are well cared for and the attitude of everyone allows cattle to have minimal stress, and being well prepared for very humane slaughter. This facility is a credit to the management and staff.

Paul BrownPaul Brown - Consultant
Meat & Livestock Australia

Very well run, cattle well treated, men all work well as a team, equipment is being used correctly.

Gary StarkGary Stark - Managing Director
Warwick Cattle Crush Co.

Outstanding abattoir. It is a credit to the people who work here, how good it is.

David LeggettDavid Leggett - Insector
Meat & Livestock Australia

We pop a little questionnaire to our guests who have visited RPH Karawaci to rate our abattoir. Here are the results:

  • Professionalism
  • The Usage of Technology & Equipment
  • Staff Management & Teamwork
  • Abattoir Facility
  • Cattle Care & Welfare

A well run facility, which we will visit regularly to ensure all animal welfare issues are kept to acceptable standards.

Cameron McDonaldCameron McDonald - Manager
Animal Welfare for Indonesia - MLA

Very impressed with the operation. All aspects of the slaughter process are carried out with care and a professional attitude. Well done!

Delwyn TuanuiDelwyn Tuanui
New Zealand

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  • Animal Welfare
  • Meat & Livestock Australia
  • Swasembada Daging Indonesia

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